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Toei-Town [Held privately, no visitors allowed]
Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Ashikome)

Date : November(The last ten days)

  • Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Ashikome)
  • Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Ashikome)
  • Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Ashikome)
  • Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Ashikome)
  • Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Ashikome)
  • Hana Festival (Toei-Town, Ashikome)

The 2022 Hana Festival will be held privately for local residents only.

The Main Attraction Here is the Demon Itself!

The Hana Festival of Ashikome is known for the demon, which performs exquisite acrobatics during its dance, and the peculiar decorations of the place. Also, at some points during the night, several demons may dance at once in order to allow the performers to "rest."


Date : Usually on the 4th weekend of November
(Held privately in 2022, no visiting allowed)
Holding time : From Saturday 6:00 PM to Sunday 11:30 AM
* Subject to change depending on the year.
Place : Ashikome Gathering Place (足込集会所 Ashikome Shukaijo)
Location : 〒449-0202
2-3 Hashiba, Ashikome, Toei-Town, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Fee : Free of charge
(however, offerings in money may entitle the visitor to a “Okaeshi” gift of local tradition)
Phone number : 0536-76-1193 (Hana Festival Preservation Society, Chairman)
0536-76-0509 (Toei Town Hall Department of Education)

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  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Toyohashi Station, take the JR Iida Line and alight at Toei Station, take the Toei Line Bus and get off at Hongo, take the Misono Line Bus get off at Ashikome, walk 10 min.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    At the Hamamatsu-Inasa Junction of the New Tomei Expressway, change to the San-en-Nanshin Expressway. Upon exiting at Horaikyo I.C., head north by the Route 151 for approx. 12.3km (15 min.) then turn right at the Hongo crossing to enter Route 74, following it for 4.5km (8 min.)

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