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Toyone-Village Mt. Chausu Highland

  • Mt. Chausu Highland
  • Mt. Chausu Highland
  • Mt. Chausu Highland
  • Mt. Chausu Highland
  • Mt. Chausu Highland
  • Mt. Chausu Highland
  • Mt. Chausu Highland
  • Mt. Chausu Highland

Creeping phlox in the spring, new leaves' green in the summer, fall colors in autumn, and snowscapes in winter

Aichi Prefecture's tallest mountain, Mt. Chausu, lies on the border with Nagano Prefecture and boasts a peak soaring 1,415 meters into the sky. Its mountainous highland is ever so refreshing with idyllic white birch forests, a lake, grasslands, and other natural wonders.
At the 1,358-meter-high peak of one of the mountains in the Chausu Range—Mt. Hagitaro—a hill of 400 thousand creeping phlox blooms into a 22-thousand square meter carpet of vivid colors from the beginning of May to mid-June. Six varieties boast pink, white, light blue, light purple and other spectacular colors.

Plenty of outdoor activities too await you, such as go-karts, mountain biking, mountain boarding, boating, and more from spring to fall.
And in winter, the only ski slope in Aichi opens up for skiing and snowboarding down the impressive scenery. Weekends and national holidays offer skiing only while at other times, beginners and families with children can enjoy the slopes by sledding and a snow play area equipped with a belt-conveyor to carry you back up to the top.


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Location : 〒449-0405
70-185 Goshodaira, Sakauba, Toyone-mura, Kita-Shitara-gun, Aichi
Fee : Check the official website for details.
days / hours
: Weekdays: 8:30 am–5:00 pm
Weekends and national holidays: 8:00 am–5:00 pm
Parking : Available, free of charge (1,000 spaces for standard-size vehicles and 20 spaces for buses)

• Becomes paid parking during the creeping phlox season (JPY 800/standard-sized vehicle, JPY 1,000/mini bus, and JPY 2,000/medium- to large-sized buses)
• Prices are subject to change. Check the official site, etc. for the most up-to-date information.
Restrooms : Available
Holidays : Thu (always open during event periods)
Phone number : 0536-87-2345

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Should accuracy be critical, please verify this information using a direct source, whenever possible.


  • Access by public transport
    Access by public transport
    From Toyohashi Station, take the JR Iida Line. Get off at Toei station and take the shuttle bus.

    • The shuttle bus requires prior reservation. The bus has a capacity of eight passengers, taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Access by car
    Access by car
    • Scenic mountain route from Nagoya (approx. 80 km): From the Tomei Expressway, head south to nearby Nisshin Junction, change to the Nagoya-Seto Expressway, which turn into Sanage Green Road. Exit at Chikaraishi Interchange, turning left. Head east down Route 153 until the crossing with Route 257 and turn right, heading south for 1.1 km, and turn left onto Route 80. Head east for 8.8 km until the intersection with Route 507 (Chausuyamakougen Road), where you will turn right at the intersection and then left, heading east. Continue for 12.2 km and turn right at the crossing with Route 506. After the lake, take a left and then one more left.
    • Comfortable route with less mountain roads from Nagoya (approx. 140 km): From the Tomei Expressway, head south to Toyota Junction and change to the Isewangan Expressway, which turns into the Shin-Tomei Expressway after Toyota-Higashi Junction. At Hamamatsu-Inasa Junction, change to the San-Ennanshin Expressway. Upon exiting at Horaikyo Interchange, head north on Route 151 for approx. 36 km. Turn left to enter Route 506 and head northwest for 5.5 km.
    • From other locations, head to the Hamamatsu-Inasa Junction on the Shin-Tomei Expressway and proceed north on the San-Ennanshin Expressway. Exit at Horaikyo Interchange and head north on Route 151 for approx. 36 km. Turn left to enter Route 506 and head northwest for 5.5 km.

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